Solving The Mismatch Between Diet & Lifestyle

Biomarked is a family of passionate nutritional advisors unified towards helping people recover from lifestyle disorders. Learn, motivate, transform, and explore opportunities in the wellness space.
We believe in spreading good health and improving quality of lives.

Lifestyle Issues We Address


A lifestyle disorder involving excessive body fat that may lead to risk of health problems. Every three out of four Indian adults are obese.


A hormonal disorder causing enlarged overies with cysts on the outer edges. One in every five girls is suffering from PCOS.


A condition in which your thyroid glands are not producing enough thyroid hormone leading to slowing of metabolism and unexplained weight gain

Fatty Liver

An increased build up of fat around the liver leading to a pot belly. NAFLD (Non-Alchoholic Fatty Liver Disease) is increasing these days due to changes in our eating habits


Being in a lower BMI range is not normal, but a sign that your body is not absorbing nutrition properly

Diabetes Type 2

A metabolic disorder characterized by progressive loss to insulin sensitivity. India is the Diabetes Capital of the world.​

How It Works

Take the body type assessment form where you mention your vital stats, food habits and medical conditions (if any)

Coach evaluates your assessment form, understands your body type, how your food habits are affecting your health and gives you an overview of our health program

You enroll for the program and a communication channel is setup with your coach to kickstart your fitness journey

A customized nutrition and workout plan is shared with you basis your body type, biomarkers and lifestyle inputs given by you on the consultation call

One to one communication with your coach to ensure you are on track to meet your health goals and access to our community group to empower you with the basics of health & nutrition

Once enrolled with us, you have lifetime access to our community of passionate health enthusiasts. You can continue to seek help/learn more from the community

What We Offer

Root Cause Analysis​

Blood biomarkers & lifestyle assessment are a great combination to accurately identify the root cause and understand the body type.

Nutrition Plan

Personalised nutrition plan basis your biomarkers and body type analysis. Its not just about weightloss, it always fixing the root cause.

Workout Plan

Personalised exercise plan basis your body type. A combination of yoga, strength and cardio is what your body needs.

One On One Coaching

Behaviour shift is the key to long term good health. Build good habits under mentorship of a coach with 1-1 chat support and regular follow ups.

Recipe Books

Who says healthy food is not tasty ? Our recipes will give you enormous options and help you sail through your fitness journey with ease.

Biomarked Community Support

Stay connected with like-minded on the same journey and plug into our health connect sessions to empower yourselves with the basics of health & nutrition

Health Webinars

We Are Not Just Transforming People

But Health Empowering Them For Life

Its not just weight loss

We Are Educating People Across The Globe

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Biomarked has helped thousands of people recover from lifestyle disorders and lead a more health empowered life. Here's what people have to say about us

There's a different energy and positivity I feel after taking up the health program. I'm happy about the fact that I could consciously change my diet. People say weight loss is difficult but now I have a different notion. Thank you for inspiring me!
I have lost 4 kilos in a month, that too without feeling low. dull and tired. Losing weight was kind of impossible for me, I used to lose inches but not weight even after trying multiple techniques. I feel light, active and my skin is glowing !
Anamika Singh
Finally after 90 days, I have lost 10 kgs. Thank you for helping me through this tough time. Gaining weight not only puts fat in your body but also induces laziness, stress, dullness etc with other medical problems. Now I feel light not as 🪶😂. Hoping to be like a feather some day.😁
Smriti Agrawal